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Collaborative Tools

Kraft empowers their teams by creating meaningful interactions, collaborative tools and real-time access to content.

Intuitive Product Catalog

Users demand access to pertinent information quickly. With an intuitive product catalog, Rockwell provides users with the right information, when they need it, and in the right context.

Employee Engagement

For USG, increasing employee engagement was key - via mobile, they gamified the user experience to connect people based on common interests.


we keep a pulse on emerging technology


Demystifying IoT with Discovery Research and Innovation

On this webinar, we walk through how to use lean user research to uncover new business opportunities with IoT. Watch here.


solstice announces acquisition

Solstice Mobile acquired by St Ives Group to further strengthen digital capabilities and international footprint.


AI is the new UI

Advances in the power of virtual assistants from tech giants such as Apple and Google are opening up big opportunities for commerce.

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