When you take a look at the moving pieces of the IoT tech stack, it’s daunting. There are endless configurations, each pulling in an investment of time and money. To get our clients up and running quickly, we’re leveraging the latest cloud tools to build connected experiences across end-points. Using our accelerator, IoT quick start or our analytics tools, we’re enabling the enterprise to skip the infrastructure woes and start building and testing features right away. 

IoT development accelerator

We’ve taken our experience from building and scaling connected product solutions into an enterprise-grade IoT development platform accelerator. With the accelerator, we’re able to shift the focus from the hardware and tech to where it should be: enabling the right customer experience.

  • Built on the backbone of the AWS cloud infrastructure
  • Speeds the development process and time to market
  • Works with any device that can support Amazon IoT Device SDKs
  • Spend more time focusing on the CX and less time setting up infrastructure
  • You own your data, not the platform provider

AWS IoT QuickStart

To get our teams to development faster, our QuickStart extends the AWS IoT platform to support the enablement of commonly required features. The tool provides the templates necessary to quickly deploy an AWS IoT solution and is an easily extensible solution that supports a backend infrastructure for industrial and connected home IoT products. It also provides a framework to control “things” in AWS IoT from Alexa without any development, making Alexa a fluid extension of the solution. See more about building on Alexa.


IoT analytics

There are endless ways to collect and analyze analytics data for insights - especially with the variety of IoT platforms and solutions. AWS provides a low-cost and diverse set of tools for data collection and analysis. With low barriers to entry and in-depth documentation, we could quickly set up architectures for different IoT Analytics use cases. For quick visualization of a static data set, we can leverage AWS RDS to feed data into AWS QuickSight. Using a combination of AWS Kinesis Firehose, AWS IoT, AWS S3, and AWS Redshift, we can optimize our collection and analysis for a large-scale solution. For collecting and displaying live data, we can use AWS and AWS ElasticSearch and the open-source Kibana plugin. We understand the process, to get to a low-cost, efficient solution to power your insights.

We are partnering with Amazon on their voice platform. Read our guide to harnessing the power of Amazon Echo's virtual assistant, Alexa.

By leveraging AWS IoT to connect your devices, IoT implementation becomes much easier, secure, and reliable. Read our overview of AWS IoT

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