Video: 5 Good Minutes with Google's Project Tango

Here at Solstice we are constantly staying on top of the latest emerging technologies, and Google's Project Tango is no exception. We were amongst some of the first to get ahold of Google's newest tablet and development kit, therefore our R&D team wasted no time experimenting and manipulating the platform to uncover relevant use cases for the enterprise and our clients.

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How Enterprise Architect roles are shaping businesses

In a previous job, working for a large enterprise, our architecture group was composed of two different subgroups who focused on completely different disciplines. I worked as a member of the application architecture half of the group. Together, we focused on the inputs, outputs, protocols and points of integration required to build solutions. The other half of our group was comprised of what we called business architects. Our business architects focused primarily on partnering with product sponsors and key stakeholders in order solve business problems from both a business and technology perspective. These business architects helped enable our business partners with product ideas that our application architecture and development teams could slowly turn into tangible products.

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Top 10 quotes from The Wave of Wearables videocast

We invited the virtual world to step inside of our office for a live chat on "wearable moments" with Solstice CEO J Schwan and Director of John Deere's Technology Innovation Center, Julian Sanchez. Together, they dug into tough questions such as: What is a wearable moment? What's going to happen with Apple Watch? Was Google Glass a failure? What's next: robots or cyborgs? 

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5 Characteristics of Great Scrum Masters

A simple Google search of "Scrum Master roles" will return tools, check-lists and profiles of successful Scrum Masters. You know the drill: remove blockers, follow the pillars of scrum, work with the product owner to prioritize stories, etc. These are all true and each is certainly a task for the Scrum Master, but in order to grow successful enterprises and teams, Scrum Masters need to fully live out the principles of Agile in a deeper, more meaningful way.

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What can you do with data?

A major topic at this year’s SXSW Interactive conference was all about putting the focus on data: how much of it exists and what we can do with it.

90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone. That’s a lot of data. Data is being collected everywhere you are, whether it’s on a wearable device attached to your body, or tracking your location through an app that sits in the background of your phone. However, the real question is, what do we do with it?

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Solstice Mobile announces acquisition by St Ives Group

It’s been an exciting week for us as a company. As we have continued to grow, we’ve been looking for opportunities that would allow us to quickly expand on a global level while maintaining the company and culture that we’ve worked so hard to build. In that search, we’ve found what we believe to be the perfect home for Solstice and are pleased to announce the acquisition of Solstice Mobile by the St Ives Group (SIV.L).

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Evernote's Scannable gets a critique from product, UX & tech experts

At Solstice, we focus on building meaningful apps. Together, we are constantly searching for ways to improve the experience for our clients' customers and draw lessons from leaders in the digital space. We know good work when we see it, and Evernote’s recent release of their companion Scannable iOS app is just that (with a few critiques).

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A recap of Apple's live 'Spring Forward' event: Apple Pay, ResearchKit, Watch

After weeks of reading reported rumors of what would be revealed and unveiled at today’s Apple Spring Forward event, the 90-minute live showcase didn't disappoint; featuring Apple product statistics, brand new hardware and even some open-source software from the technology giant. 

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What's next for consumers and wearables?

The buzz surrounding the start of 2015 has seemingly primarily focused on the much anticipated arrival of the Apple Watch. With the advent of this, and similar devices, developers will be challenged to create applications that maximize the potential of a device that is not only with you at all times, but is also visible to you at all times, touching you at all times, and learning from you at all times. The Apple Watch will be the latest in a sweeping trend of wearables centered around wrist-based design, and that begs the question: what else do we wear that technology can blend in with? What comes next?

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Machine maintenance gets an upgrade with mobile technology

If a picture is worth 1000 words then an interactive 3D model should be worth quite a bit more. This is especially the case when it comes to machine maintenance on hugely complex machines like an aircraft. When dealing with machines of this complexity, making sure that maintenance is performed properly can potentially be the difference between life or death. Today’s mobile technology opens up an opportunity for companies responsible for maintaining complex machines to disrupt and improve their current processes.

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