The Commerce Shift: Stop at nothing to be there for your customers

The consumer buying behavior is changing. On average, consumers spend 162 minutes per day on their phones. 162 minutes.  That’s alot of time. Those are 162 opportunities for a brand to get in front of a potential consumer at an opportune time.

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How improv can help grow your career

This blog was co-written by Angelique Rickhoff and Alyssa Mikev.

The term "yes, and” is key in improv, and it is just one of the many skillsets from this comedy focused art that could help you become a better consultant. While we both found ourselves on the more introverted side of the table at meetings, it made sense for us to want to improve our communication skills. Enter improv, Level A at The Second City in Chicago!

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How are mobile payments evolving?

Contributions to this blog were made by Jared Johnson.

The world of mobile payments is making exciting leaps forward. Consumers favor credit cards to cash at a ratio of 80:20. And, just as consumers were able to make that transition from cash to card, there’s an opportunity for consumers to accept and embrace a new form of payments with mobile. According to Forrester research, US mobile payments will top $52 billion this year. And that number is expected to ultimately triple by 2019 to a total of $142 billion. A major explanation for that growth is because of the opportunity that is available for so many different groups: consumers, merchants, and financial institutions.

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A tip for innovation: Bring back the crazies

Let’s face it. The stats for the future of established corporations are painting a pretty glum picture.

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Best practices in product backlog grooming

When you’re building a product with the Agile methodology, as we do here at Solstice, the backlog is your source of truth for the path to an MVP (minimum viable product). For large corporations, filling and prioritizing the backlog can involve details and decisions from a variety of different teams and business stakeholders. In order to stay on the right direction to accomplishing and building the right product, there are a number of best practices to think about.

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What's the difference between a project manager and a scrum master?

Let’s just get it out there. The Scrum Master role and the project manager role are very separate and distinct. For someone new to Agile, the project manager and Scrum Master roles might seem similar, or even identical. But it is so important to recognize the differences between the two, recognize where some tasks may overlap, and recognize how they complement one another in large-scale projects.

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The evolution of the digital marketer: Q&A with Kelly Manthey

After presenting this topic at the Digital Strategy Innovation Summit in New York City last month, VP of Strategy and Innovation, Kelly Manthey sits down with Senior Marketing Manager, Megan Gilmore, to discuss the shift we are seeing in digital marketing roles.

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How Apple Watch fits on your product roadmap

With Apple Watch coming closer and closer to release, most companies and product owners are looking to have their apps in the App Store in time for the April 24th release date. Let’s assume that you already have the resources in place to make it happen. What sort of app will you make? What should the user experience look like? How do you know if it will be a good idea? Unfortunately, there probably isn’t a way to get definitive answers to all of these questions. There are some things we can do to get more value out of your first release, however. Lets take a look at how the Apple Watch intersects with your Product Roadmap. Read More

DevTalk Podcast: Apple WatchKit

Listen in to our first podcast of our DevTalk series covering Apple Watch and WatchKit. Together, our iOS (and Android) enthusiasts sit down to cover all things Apple Watch.

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We are born to innovate ... so why don't we?

Years ago, the wheel facilitated agriculture and commerce, allowing human beings to settle down and colonize. The printing press democratized learning, facilitating idea sharing and catalyzing the expansion of knowledge. And the compass ignited the Age of Discovery, bridging the distance between previously isolated cultures. We are born innovators. Innovation is actually part of what makes us human. It powers growth and pushes humanity forward. It transforms how we create, what we create and where we create. Innovation creates the core of who we are today, and who we will be tomorrow.

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