How Apple Watch fits on your product roadmap

With Apple Watch coming closer and closer to release, most companies and product owners are looking to have their apps in the App Store in time for the April 24th release date. Let’s assume that you already have the resources in place to make it happen. What sort of app will you make? What should the user experience look like? How do you know if it will be a good idea? Unfortunately, there probably isn’t a way to get definitive answers to all of these questions. There are some things we can do to get more value out of your first release, however. Lets take a look at how the Apple Watch intersects with your Product Roadmap.
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DevTalk Podcast: Apple WatchKit

Listen in to our first podcast of our DevTalk series covering Apple Watch and WatchKit. Together, our iOS (and Android) enthusiasts sit down to cover all things Apple Watch.

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We are born to innovate ... so why don't we?

Years ago, the wheel facilitated agriculture and commerce, allowing human beings to settle down and colonize. The printing press democratized learning, facilitating idea sharing and catalyzing the expansion of knowledge. And the compass ignited the Age of Discovery, bridging the distance between previously isolated cultures. We are born innovators. Innovation is actually part of what makes us human. It powers growth and pushes humanity forward. It transforms how we create, what we create and where we create. Innovation creates the core of who we are today, and who we will be tomorrow.

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Connected products: The evolution of industries as we know them

The manufacturing industry is ripe for disruption ... again. If we go back in time, the first wave of industrial change from information technology came when automated processes created efficiencies never seen before. Decades later, technology disrupted the industry again by enabling coordination across individual activities in the supply chain to better integrate operations. Now, the next era of tech disruption is here. Smart products.

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The 3 phases of business - Paper, Scissors, Rock

I recently ventured down to SXSW Interactive and it was an amazing experience. So many different tracks, so little time. One of the sessions that resonated with me was from Evernote CEO, Phil Libin. He started off with having the entire room of 500+ people stand up to play a game of Paper, Scissors, Rock. Everyone had to throw at the same time and if you tied or lost to Phil you had to sit down. After 3 rounds the crowd dwindled down to 10 people and they all received 10 years of premium Evernote service for free (why did I throw paper!?). This was a great segway into his discussion about the different phases of business that organizations go through: Paper, Scissors, and Rock. Phil mentioned how he commonly hears investors talk about how a space is "too crowded" to invest in. In his mind, it doesn’t matter how crowded the space is, as long as there are no “rocks” in the space. Let me explain...

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The Power of Feedback

Contributions to this blog were made by Jessica Seiler

Feedback is a powerful tool that can help shape your product vision. It’s given in every scenario from the design of a logo to an interaction on an app. Sometimes, its tricky to give the right kind of constructive feedback that will really propel your project forward. Oftentimes, a major improvement can be made to the feedback process simply by educating those involved on how to give good feedback.

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April Fool's 2015: The Best of Tech

Happy April Fool's Day! In typical tech fashion, innovative companies across the country are taking this year's April Fool's jokes to the next level (remember last year?). To save you from embarrassment of thinking that you can finally get an Uber cat driver, I am bringing you a roundup of today's best April Fool's jokes.

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Video: 5 Good Minutes with Google's Project Tango

Here at Solstice we are constantly staying on top of the latest emerging technologies, and Google's Project Tango is no exception. We were amongst some of the first to get ahold of Google's newest tablet and development kit, therefore our R&D team wasted no time experimenting and manipulating the platform to uncover relevant use cases for the enterprise and our clients.

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How Enterprise Architect roles are shaping businesses

In a previous job, working for a large enterprise, our architecture group was composed of two different subgroups who focused on completely different disciplines. I worked as a member of the application architecture half of the group. Together, we focused on the inputs, outputs, protocols and points of integration required to build solutions. The other half of our group was comprised of what we called business architects. Our business architects focused primarily on partnering with product sponsors and key stakeholders in order solve business problems from both a business and technology perspective. These business architects helped enable our business partners with product ideas that our application architecture and development teams could slowly turn into tangible products.

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Top 10 quotes from The Wave of Wearables videocast

We invited the virtual world to step inside of our office for a live chat on "wearable moments" with Solstice CEO J Schwan and Director of John Deere's Technology Innovation Center, Julian Sanchez. Together, they dug into tough questions such as: What is a wearable moment? What's going to happen with Apple Watch? Was Google Glass a failure? What's next: robots or cyborgs? 

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