How Can CIOs Improve Company Stock Performance? Transform the CX

Customer Experience is often hard to quantify. Everyone can clearly articulate a positive customer experience and the companies that do it well. Zappos, Jet Blue and Discover all come to mind. On the opposite end of the spectrum many of us have had similar horror stories with K-Mart, Frontier Airlines and Comcast. 

But does good CX actually produce a quantifiable return? The answer is yes. 

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Why commerce should use Agile to meet consumer's expectations

Today’s apparel industry looks much different than the industry 20 years ago. The advent of “fast fashion” retailers like H&M, Zara and Forever 21 has—forgive the buzzword—disrupted the product lifecycle of apparel. Lean manufacturing and lean supply chains are allowing retailers to produce more frequent, smaller batches of apparel, appealing to today’s “ADD society.” Stores like Neiman Marcus even encourage brands to batch their lines into 8-10 shipments to ensure that customers always have something new to look at in the store. 

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The convergence of user experience & customer experience for eCommerce

On average, people with access to tablets and smartphones spend 2 hours and 57 minutes on their devices per day. With the consistently increasing amount of time people are spending on their smartphones, most retail purchases are being made on these devices–right? Wrong. According to A.T. Kearney’s ongoing Omnichannel Shopping Preferences Study, 90% of all retail sales are conducted in stores, and 95% of all retail sales are captured by retailers with a brick-and-mortar presence.

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Experiential Commerce 101: Providing consumers context and inspiration

Having a mobile presence used to be enough.

Having a mobile presence probably meant that your product catalogs were somehow visually represented online, but likely also meant that it came with complex navigational hierarchies, lengthy product descriptions, and lacked rich imagery.

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How to better optimize your mobile checkout process

So instead of writing yet another blog on how to create a great mobile checkout process (there are tons out there, I know, I read them), I instead want to recap what makes a mobile checkout process good, and suggest some tangible ways that you can make it great! Lets begin…

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Inspiring Confidence in Mobile Purchases

Consumers today have high expectations when it comes to shopping experiences on their mobile phone. They are expecting brand's mobile web and applications to be device-adaptive as well as ease the checkout process. If your mobile commerce approach is underdeveloped, your company is leaving money on the table.

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The “Fin”-ternet of Things: How IoT affects Financial Services

The Internet of Things (IoT) is booming. There are staggering stats about a network to include 25 billion devices by 2020 with a nearly $2 trillion global economic benefit. While this “third industrial revolution” automatically brings to mind dramatic effects for the retail, manufacturing, transportation and energy industries, financial services doesn’t always come to mind. However, since the underlying value in IoT is the transfer of data, and the financial sector relies heavily on gathering and analyzing data, it’s hard not to imagine IoT disrupting the financial services industry. Financial institutions, especially retail banks, have invested increasing amounts of resources into developing both their internal infrastructure and consumer-facing technology capabilities. IDC Financial Insights predicts that retail banks will spend over $16 billion on digital information technology initiatives, and this spending will continue to increase. In fact, according to PWC’s 6th annual digital IQ survey, financial services is one of the top 10 industries that has been investing in sensors for potential IoT innovations.

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Introducing Search with iOS 9

Mobile is making a shift in focus towards context. Our mobile devices know so much about us, and they are beginning to learn from this data. Google's Now on Tap and Apple's investment in the Apple Watch demonstrate how these companies are making their devices more personal.

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Making your app work: Moving apps from Rarely to Always Used

How many apps are on your phone? I counted my apps: 84 total. Before you judge my app overindulgence, you should know that on average, I only use between 6-10 daily.

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The convergence of iOS and OS X user interface design

Last month at WWDC, Apple unveiled its newest desktop and mobile operating systems, El Capitan and iOS 9. One trend that didn’t get much attention was how the two are converging. Indeed, mobile and desktop user interfaces have influenced each other for years, and this trend strengthening indicates just how much smartphones have become a part of our lives in the eight years since the iPhone’s original release. We now no longer think of desktop computers and smartphones as being so distinct in their functions and abilities.

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