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Solstice is the conduit from emerging technologies to transformational enterprise solutions. We enable large organizations to embrace the future providing a competitive advantage through mobile and next generation technologies.

Today’s enterprise needs an actionable strategy to plan, build, and deliver mobile applications across internal and external audiences. Real-time engagement, smarter analytics, and predictive behaviors can and will expand opportunities in all areas of the organization.

Our collaborative approach maps business drivers to mobile and emerging technology use cases. We account for the capabilities, limitations, and integration points of the existing enterprise, while highlighting key opportunities for emerging technology adoption. The result is a realistic plan of attack for all client stakeholders — IT, marketing, and organizational leadership — and a well-honed strategy to ensure user engagement across all target audiences.


Mobile Enablement

Unlocking the power of mobile moments through dynamic solutions for every industry and audience


User Engagement

Driving smarter interactions with B2C, B2B and B2E audiences through strategy, design and context


Digital Disruption

Revolutionizing business through emerging technologies, strategic insights and process acceleration

Workplace Productivity

Mobile has changed how we conduct business and the digital expectations of your employees are being set by everyone but you--they expect high-quality consumer experience in an enterprise solution. We create solutions to empower teams by creating meaningful interactions, collaborative tools and real-time access to content.  


Consumers expect more and we work hard to create solutions to exceed their demand, knowing that every second counts. Our m-commerce solutions have decreased wait time, increased basket size and raised our clients to the top of m-commerce lists. 

Mobile Banking & Payments

In a world where mobile access to balances, transfers and check deposits are status quo, the key to engaging customers is relevance. They want sophisticated interactions to see and control what their money can do for them. We deliver market-leading solutions that expand the digital channels of banking and payments. 

Manufacturing & Logistics

Efficiency and productivity are key drivers for any business, but with manufacturing and logistics, your employees need information at their fingertips and quickly. From more streamlined workflows, data visualization and the growing world of beacons and sensors, we can help you revolutionize business processes. 

Omnichannel Engagement

As your user connects with your brand across channels, we help you make sure that experience is seamless and they get the right information at the right time. We also apply that lens with every audience engagement strategy - customers, employees, and partners. 


Rapid experimentation, open innovation and proof of concepts aren't just buzz words and hype. We've created an R&D culture to test out emerging technologies internally and apply our learnings and best practices for your enterprise. We also work with your teams as an R&D extension. Helping your team test and prove out hypotheses faster, creating a repeatable innovation process. 

Mobile Strategy & Governance

We work with our clients to discover, define and deliver an actionable mobile vision – enabling short-term value and ensuring long-term success. Strategists and architects expand your team to provide innovation management across product and technology planning.

Mobile App Development

We have built and continue to grow our team of developers with expertise across iOS, Android, Windows and HTML 5 platforms. We’re here to help you decide which platforms are right for your business needs, and then execute on your mobile projects.

Mobile Architecture

Mobility changes the demand on your data center. We're here to help. Solstice's ability to guide your organization through MDM selection, technology platform selection, service-oriented design and security implications of mobility can mean the difference between success and failure of your mobility effort.

Testing & QA

Devise and OS fragmentation make testing and support a challenge. We've got you covered. Sosltice has proven testing and support models to ensure quality and support of the end-use experience and system integration across the fragmented market of mobile devices.

User Experience

Your consumers and employees have become savvier and expect an experience that is fluid and easy to incorporate into their daily lives. We work with you and your users to design smart software or smart hardware products that will win and change the game for your employees and customers.

Open Innovation

With our deep knowledge and experience with the next wave of disruptive technologies, we work with you and your business partners to uncover digital disruptors that will change the game for your company and your industry. We work with you to build a repeatable and productive innovation process that thrives on rapid experimentation and lean prototyping.

Emerging Technologies

Mobile is quickly becoming a platform for innovation that powers emerging technologies like wearables and beacons. We help your team harness the power of these new digital disruptors and safely implement for your enterprise. 



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